David Lucas, Author E=AM2

David Lucas, Author E=AM2


David Lucas

David Lucas is a lawyer and creator of the innovative Self Managed Family Office (www.smfo.com.au).

He is intrigued by the bewildering array of answers to the question “why?” humans have given over 130,000 + years. The contradictions that are inherent in being human—ingenious, naïve, creative, devilishly cunning, stupid, orderly, messy, kind, cruel, logical, emotional, boringly predictable, unpredictable, self-judging, self-excusing, drama-loving and so drama-creating, altruistic, pitiless, perverse in constancy and obstinacy  — result in limitless fascinating stories about humans. His legal practice exposes him to the best and the worst in us.

He was born in Fern Tree Gully, Melbourne, is an avid follower of Brisbane Lions in the Australian Football League, and lives by the sea in Sydney, with his partner, Cath, and dog, Summer.

I am not what I think I am and I am not what you think I am; I am what I think you think I am
— Charles Horton Cooley