We cannot solve problems by using that same kind of thinking we used when we created them
— Albert Einstein

Author David Lucas chronicles a tale of life, love and human innovations through the pages of E = AM2 – the 14th Paradigm Shift.

Professor Rachel Buddywell, Chair of the world-wide Commission, finds her own life story enmeshed in humanity’s 14th paradigm shift – there is no “inexplicable”, just the “unexplained”.

Her whole life has fashioned her for the unique task she confronts as Commission Chair. The influences that made her are commonplace, yet have produced a woman who is not.

As a cognitive scientist, aided by presenters in evolutionary biology, neuro-science, zoology and psychotherapy, she weaves, amidst the conflicting objectives of her fellow Commissioners, the disparate scientific disciplines into a finished tapestry.

Delegates and the Commissioners find the implications of today’s science simultaneously thrilling and horrifying – but the science exists, the genie's out of the bottle.

Her unconventional love unbolts her life’s lynchpins, seemingly to mock her professional endeavours. This love confronts her work in the Commission and the core of who she is. The entwining of her professional life and her private life shapes her Commission’s report.

She unites tensions from the Commissioners and pressures from Delegates to map universal human traits to be inculcated into human clones. Some Delegates cannot see the new way of the world as it is now and as it will be tomorrow.

At the same time, her life story twists and turns so unexpectedly as to be unimaginable, except that it happens. Come and immerse yourself in Rachel's life, both public and private.